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Houser suggests GTAV not so concrete

"We'll think of a city first, then characters."

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While rumours swirl that Grand Theft Auto V is already in development and Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick cries if anyone mentions it, a new interview with Rockstar's Dan Houser suggests it's still a way off.

"We'll think of a city first, then the characters," Houser told The Times in an interview published on Friday (thanks Kotaku).

The author of the article says that the script will be 1000 pages, but it's not clear whether Houser himself said that.

There's also a bit more in there about the anonymous man behind the games, who founded Rockstar with his older brother Sam. For instance, The Times pointed out that some people reckon the keeping-quiet thing is about cultivating an image.

"I've read that about myself, but it's a myth. I often speak to people like yourself," Houser replied. (You never speak to us, Dan. Sniff.) "But me, Sam and Leslie [Benzies, producer] are very aware of the fact that we as a triumvirate do not make the games; 200, 300, 700 people make the games. It's easy for people to focus on individuals because that's an easier story to tell, but it's not relevant to what we do."

"We've got, you know, 100 plus people, at least 80 per cent of whom are far more intelligent than me, and to start saying it's me or Sam or the pair of us because we're such crazy brothers just seems stupid. And it's not fair or appropriate," he added.

Houser's most recent work is showcased in Episodes From Liberty City for Xbox 360, which consists of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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