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Hollywood plots movie on the Wall Street GameStop frenzy

News shortly.

A plan to make a movie on the ongoing Wall Street / GameStop story is already in motion.

MGM acquired the rights to the book proposal The Antisocial Network from author Ben Mezrich, Deadline reports.

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The book is set to tell the story of how investors, gamers and internet trolls on Reddit brought Wall Street to its knees, Deadline said.

GameStop shares skyrocketed after investors on the Wall Street Bets subreddit worked together to combat hedge funds that had bet GameStop shares would fall. GameStop's share price jumped an incredible 1700 per cent in a month - and now reddit's attention is turning to other shorted stocks.

It sounds like there was quite a battle for Mezrich's book - Deadline said the proposal was taken to market at the end of last week and by Friday night MGM had acquired the rights.

The Wall Street Bets story is ongoing, and so Mezrich's book seems like a long way away. And there are more than a few hoops that need to be jumped through before production on the film is given the greenlight. But according to Deadline, the project "is known to be a priority".

This one sounds like a sure bet.

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