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Hitman's US episode dated and detailed

UPDATE: New trailer shows rocky horror map in action.

UPDATE 22/09/2016 4.44pm: Square Enix has released the following new trailer teasing what Hitman's Colorado locale will look like:

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ORIGINAL STORY 06/09/2016 4.17pm: Hitman's next episode has been dated and detailed, with the next instalment of IO's excellent murder simulator taking place in Colorado and coming out on September 27th.

The new episode - the fifth so far for those keeping count - is called 'Freedom Fighters', and it takes place on a Colorado farm that's home to a private militia. IO's calling it the toughest mission yet, with the area being predominantly hostile territory and with four targets to take down. It's also to set up the finale which will feature Japan as a backdrop.

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Hitman's episodic releases have proven to be a hit, and the first season is due to get a full disc release towards the end of next January with another two seasons in the pipeline. We loved how it started off back in March and have been pretty enamoured with how its carried on, so more of it can only be a good thing.

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