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Three seasons of Hitman episodes apparently planned

ICA lot of assassinations ahead.

There are apparently three seasons of murderous goings-on planned for sandbox assassination game Hitman.

"Our plan is to have three seasons," the official Hitman Twitter account told a fan. "Although Season Two hasn't been confirmed yet."

Currently we're just over half-way through Hitman's first season, which will span seven episodes. The next episode will be the fifth and set in Bangkok, Thailand. It arrives 16th August.

In the Bangkok mission, Agent 47 must assassinate the lead singer of a cruddy indie music band. The action takes place in a hotel by a river and will probably all be over in a Blur! Ha! A Blur!

Before Bangkok we had a mission in Marrakesh in Morocco (31st May), Sapienza in Italy (26th April), and Paris in France (11th March). There was a bonus double-mission episode released in July, too.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

Hitman's sixth mission will be in the US, and climactic seventh mission in Japan.

Anyone who paid full whack for Hitman receives all the episodes for free - they're included in the full-game price/concept. Those who paid a reduced amount for the game need pay for them separately.

Hitman will be released with the entire first season of content in early 2017. Presumably it's around that time that season two will kick in.

We've enjoyed episodic Hitman so far. "Hitman rediscovers its agency in this strong start for IO's episodic series," wrote Edwin in our 'Recommended' Hitman review. We've got a Hitman guide, too, if you need any help or tips.