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Hitman's penultimate Elusive Target launches today

Their identity is a mystery, and one that changes if you restart.

The Hitman reboot's first season has nearly come to an end with developer IO Interactive releasing its second to last Elusive Target today.

Available for 10 days, this Elusive Target is set in Hokkaido and it comes with a twist: you don't know who you're trying to kill and must discover this information on the field.

Better yet, if you choose to restart the mission (which you can only do if you've not completed any objectives), your target may be a completely different person. So you can't simply restart and go straight for the kill.

Elusive Targets can only be played once. Whether you win or lose, they'll be gone forever once a round comes to an end.

Completing Elusive Targets will help you unlock the following outfits. They don't have any functional purpose, but some of them look pretty cool and they'll remain as a badge of honour.

Hitman developer IO Interactive recently went independent following publisher Square Enix's decision to untether the studio and series from its stable. Last we checked, the Copenhagen-based company was still planning to make at least two more seasons of Hitman, though recent layoffs and the transition away from Square Enix have shrouded the series' horizons in uncertainty.

In other Hitman news, the first couple of tutorial stages for this season are now free. They're pretty small, but offer a taste of the sort of sandbox assassinations that lie ahead in the full game.