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High Court blocks Manhunt 2 from sale

Man in wig overturns appeal decision.

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The High Court of Justice has decided British citizens shouldn't be allowed to play Manhunt 2 after all.

The British Board of Film Classification, you may recall, refused to give Manhunt 2 a rating last year. Rockstar appealed and in December the Video Appeals Committee ruled in the publisher's favour.

However, High Court judge the Honourable Mr Justice Mitting has now declared there was "a clear error of law" in the committee's decision. He claimed the VAC erred when evaluating if Manhunt 2 could be harmful to youngsters, misinterpreting the term as referring to actual harm when it should be considered in a wider sense of potential harm.

Mitting ordered the VAC to review its decision in two weeks under a new set of guidelines he outlined.

This latest hurdle follows two previous failed attempts by Rockstar to have Manhunt 2 rated and allowed on sale by the BBFC in the UK.

Will it ever be allowed? We shall see.

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