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Rockstar questions High Court ruling

Was happy with 18-rating, shockingly.

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Rockstar has questioned the High Court of Justice's decision to send Manhunt 2 back for re-evaluation.

The publisher said it was unable to comprehend spending more public money on censoring a game that was well within the rules of an adult rating.

"We believe the Video Appeals Committee decision was correct and do not understand the court's decision to expend further public resources to censor a game that contains content well within the bounds established by the British Board of Film Classification's18-plus ratings certification," Rockstar said in a statement.

The VAC decision was overturned by Mr Justice Mitting who said an "error of law" had been made.

This error was related to the definition of what constitutes harm. Mitting said VAC had misinterpreted it as actual harm, rather than, as he put it, a wider sense of potential harm.

Manhunt 2 will now be re-evaluated by the Video Appeals Committee under new guidelines.

If Rockstar receives a negative response that would effectively end the appeals process, as it is unlikely the House of Lords would want to know.

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