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Hi-Fi Rush might just be hinting at The Evil Within 3

Chai tease.

Colourful, cartoony promotional artwork for Hi-Fi Rush showing protagonist Chai and friends posing dramatically in mid-air.
Image credit: Tango Gameworks/Microsoft

Hi-Fi Rush is unquestionably fab, but developer Tango Gameworks' rhythm-action treat might just be a little bit fabber than we all initially thought if a newly made discovery turns out to be the cheeky tease for a new The Evil Within game some are interpreting it to be.

As noted by GamesRadar, Hi-Fi Rush features one particular cinematic - situated just before Track 11: The Needle Drop - in which a news ticker can be spotted on a screen as protagonist Chai and his crew ride an elevator up to the game's final boss.

It's a brief, blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but as the camera cuts to a close-up of the screen, the words "Sequel to popular survival horror franchise announced" scroll into view.

The elevator screen - and possible Evil Within 3 tease - in question.

Now, for those still lagging behind, Tango Gameworks also created cult survival horror hit The Evil Within, designed by studio founder (and Resident Evil director) Shinji Mikami. A sequel arrived three years later in 2017, making The Evil Within the only possible candidate for anything you might describe as a "survival horror franchise" in the studio's back catalogue.

Of course, given Hi-Fi Rush is already full of easter eggs - ranging from more The Evil Within to what I'm adamant is a Space Channel 5 Part 2 nod - there's every chance in the world this is just a bit of meaningless cheekery from Tango Dreamworks as it riffs on Rush's futuristic setting.

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Hi-Fi Rush - The Digital Foundry Tech Review.

But then, maybe it's not; maybe this really is the first whiff of confirmation that Tango Gameworks is working on a third The Evil Within instalment? I guess for the time being, just pick which future you'd prefer and we'll go with that until more is revealed.