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Heroes of the Storm is the new name for Blizzard All-Stars

Teaser trailer arrives ahead of Blizzcon re-reveal.

Blizzard has announced a new name for Blizzard All-Stars, and that name is Heroes of the Storm.

A sequel to Warcraft 3 mod DOTA, the game has already had to change its name once (from Blizzard DOTA) due to legal scuffles with DOTA 2 developer Valve.

"Yep, we've changed it again," Blizzard wrote on the game's new YouTube channel. "Set aside whatever you think you knew about Blizzard All-Stars, and get ready for what's brewing at this year's BlizzCon."

Blizzard's annual event is scheduled to take place this year on November 8-9th. Until then, there's the new animated teaser trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video