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Heroes of the Storm enters open beta

Blizzard celebrates with a new trailer.

Heroes of the Storm, the new MOBA starring characters from Blizzard's game franchises, has shifted from closed beta to open beta status ahead of its expected 2nd June launch.

To celebrate, Blizzard has released a new trailer which looks a lot like this:

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Christian sat down with game director Dustin Browder back in January to find out what will make Heroes of the Storm different to the other MOBA titles jostling for attention. "One of our goals in this game is to have it keep reinventing itself for years and years and years," Browder explained. "We have this goal, I'll tell guys: Look, I want you to imagine yourself sitting in the same chair five years from now. Is it still fun?"

You can dive in right now by downloading the game from the official site.

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