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Heroes of the Storm adds Sylvanas Windrunner and Tomb of the Spider Queen

Hero levels increased to 20 and Team League implemented.

Blizzard's in-closed-beta multiplayer online battle arena Heroes of the Storm has been updated.

The big new additions are a new hero, Sylvanas Windrunner, and a new battleground, Tomb of the Spider Queen. But the maximum hero level is also being raised from 10 to 20, and the first implementation of a Team League will appear - much more about that can be read in a blog post.

Sylvanas is an archer who has a heroic ability to possess enemy minions and boost their health and damage in doing so. A proper rundown of her abilities can be found in the patch notes on the Heroes of the Storm website.

You now have the "Try Hero" option of demoing a hero that's out of the free rotation and would otherwise require buying to play.

The Tomb of the Spider Queen map has you turn-in gems that enemy heroes and spider minions drop. When 50 are turned in, the Queen will send her Webweavers down all three enemy lanes to attack them.

There are tweaks and changes across the board, including to hero Mecha Tassadar, who has been re-released as a legendary skin. He will now, "quite literally, transform into a fighter jet and fly across the battlefield while mounted".

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