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Here is your regular Last Guardian update

"They are still working on it," says Yoshida.

Five years ago I met up with Shuhei Yoshida at Gamescom's last year in Leipzig and asked him the same question he's been getting in pretty much every interview since: what's happening with the Last Guardian?

"I used to call them Olympic Team, because they always spend four years on their games," Yoshida said in reference to Team Ico, the developer behind the much anticipated and much delayed title. "Ico started in 1997 and we saw that in 2001, Shadow was released in 2005. So it's an Olympic cycle."

2009 came and went without a peep, and now four years on from then we're still yet to see much more on The Last Guardian. It's safe to say that the Olympic cycle's been broken. So what's the latest word on the game?

"Yes, they are still working on it and we are still waiting to be able to relaunch," said a heavily jetlagged Yoshida in an interview this morning. At least it's still actively being worked on, which is some small progress on what we last heard. And will there be any update in the foreseeable future?

"Well, how do you define foreseeable?"

With the Tokyo Game Show only a few weeks away, I was kind of hoping for something before year's out. A pipe dream, maybe, but it's one worth holding on to.

"Before the end of the year? I won't really say," Yoshida replied.

So that's your regular update on The Last Guardian's status for this games show. Hopefully the next time we revisit the subject there'll be a little more to share.