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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Here's when Overwatch's Halloween limited-time event kicks off

"Will you survive?"

Overwatch has revealed its plans for the next Halloween-flavoured limited-time event, Halloween Terror 2020.

"Ooh... Scary" says the taciturn tweet, which only goes on to confirm that the LTE will drop on Tuesday, 13th October, and run until 3rd November, 2020. Here, take a peek:

"Spine-tingling tricks and treats await" says the voiceover in the brief 15-second accompanying teaser, before closing on: "Will you survive?"

As is typical for the shooter's limited-time events, this one boasts new skins and cosmetics, although right now new threads are only confirmed for D.Va, Brigitte, Echo, Sigma, and Sombra.

We recently already saw an excellent example of anti-cheat work in the form of fake cheating software for CSGO, but one vigilante appears to have done so well that Riot's offered him a job.

As Emma reported last month, Mohamed Al-Sharifi, also known as GamerDoc, is a 24-year-old Iraqi living in London who has spent two years catching cheaters in Overwatch and Valorant. Al-Sharifi managed to discover several different methods used by cheaters in Valorant, and got the vulnerabilities patched out after providing Riot with the necessary information. He even ran a Discord channel for the Overwatch Police Department, which managed to expose players who were win-trading in Overwatch. He did all this despite receiving death threats and absolutely no pay for his work - but it at least looks like the latter is about to change.

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