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Here's a SNES-inspired alternative to the Switch's Pro Controller

8Bitdo? Don't mind if I do.

Retro peripheral company 8Bitdo is creating some classy controllers steeped in nostalgia that will offer an alternative to Nintendo's solid but spendy Switch Pro Controller.

8Bitdo recently released a 4.0 firmware update that adds Switch support to all of its oldschool flavoured Bluetooth controllers.

More importantly, the company just announced three upcoming controllers compatible with Switch, Windows, Android, MacOS and Steam.

The most alluring for most will be the SNES30 Pro and SFC30 Pro, which are similar to Super Nintendo and Super Famicom controllers in terms of shape and aesthetics, only they come equipped with two analogue sticks and four shoulder buttons. Furthermore, they'll offer rumble vibration, motion controls, and USB-C, making them a potentially worthwhile substitute to Nintendo's first-party Pro Controller.

Fighting game fans will be pleased to see 8Bitdo is releasing a bulky NES30 Arcade Stick, which is likewise compatible with Switch, Windows, Android, MacOS and Steam.

Finally, 8Bitdo revealed a couple of cute speakers that are colour-coded to match the Switch's blue and red neon Joy-Con controllers.

The SNES30 Pro and SFC30 Pro controllers will be due this holiday season. No price has been announced, though the 8Bitdo's NES-inspired pro-controller goes for £28.50 on Amazon. These upcoming models are a bit fancier with rumble support and motion control, so they'll be more expensive, but hopefully not more than the £64.99 Nintendo's official Switch Pro Controller goes for.

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