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Here's a fresh update on Skate, including its rebuilt Flick-It system

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Skate. image showing two characters on skatboards jumping through a circular window in the side of a building
Image credit: Full Circle

Developer Full Circle has shared a fresh update on the next Skate game. While there is still no release date, the team has laid out several tweaks and additions coming to the series, many of which have been developed alongside feedback from various play tests.

First off, the upcoming free-to-play game has a rebuilt Flick-It system in place. The developer said this will ensure each trick "feels as fun and satisfying to perform as ever before".

Thanks to this rebuild, in which added upgrades improve a player's accuracy and control, tricks in Skate should be easier than ever. "All of this work has been done with an eye to the future, so we can give the game plenty of room to grow as we add new tricks and techniques down the line," said senior gameplay designer Reid Buckmaster. Additionally, Skate will have a "streamlined" control system, which should make things easier for players to get to grips with.

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Full Circle said while Skate will be fun to play solo, it is best experienced with others, and as such the team is including a number of 'social' features such as collaborative Pop-Up activities.

There are also going to be a number of customisation options, with Full Circle confirming "almost everything" players do in the game will earn awards, which can then be used to change up characters and boards. These awards will also unlock placeable objects that can be popped into the world.

As for its character creator, the team said it is bringing "as many options" as it can to the game, to allow for a more inclusive experience. This includes body shape, height, hairstyles and more. This is so Skate's players can "feel free to be whoever [they] want to be in San Van".

You can check out the full developer update, where the team talks more about Skate's setting, music and brand partnerships, in the video below.

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Ahead of Skate's release, the team is going to keep listening to its community's feedback. As such, it is encouraging more players to sign up to its Skate Insider program. It confirmed console testing is scheduled for this autumn.

On its eventual release, Skate will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile. Furthermore, it will also have cross-play and cross-progression support.

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