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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Here's a fresh look at Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Won't be a Loki outing for Traveller's Tales.

It's easy to become blasé about Traveller's Tales Lego games - there have, after all, been just under 20 of the things in the last 8 years - so it's just as easy to forget that they've rarely been anything less than brilliant. We're lucky enough to have Dan Whitehead pop up and remind us of that fact every time a new one's released.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the latest, and it explores fresh ground for the Cheshire-based studio, taking on the world of Wolverine, The Hulk and all those other characters you pretend to remember whenever they popped up in the Avengers film. It's not enough to inspire a new direction for the series, but it does mean the introduction of a whole new world for Traveller's Tales to lend its breezy wit to.

Ian Higton travelled up to the studio a few week's back to check up on Lego Marvel Super Heroes to see what's new and what's evolved. Have a look at what he discovered in his video preview below.

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