LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

A familiar formula is invigorated by an inspired use of the Marvel licence, leading to a gleefully generous game.

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Next-Gen Face-Off: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Traveller's Tales' loveable series of Lego games is known for its imagination, humour and attention to detail - and, in the case of the early titles, their solid 60fps refresh. However, the transition to the first round of HD consoles didn't go smoothly. Despite the relatively simple visuals, the jump from SD to 720p found the engine struggling to maintain a steady frame-rate without heavy tearing. Eventually, Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars saw TT abandon 60Hz entirely in favour of overhauling the visuals of the game and expanding the scope of the action to freshen up the series. With the arrival of next-gen console, though, there's all those extra frames to play for again. So just how well has the Lego series transitioned onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4? We decided to take a look at Lego Marvel Super Heroes in order to find out.

In truth, given the large scale multi-platform conversion work spanning no less than nine different formats - including two brand new consoles - combined with the tight pre-Christmas deadline for release, a return to the 60fps glory days of the PS2 was perhaps too much to expect, and once again, Traveller's Tales sticks to a 30fps update instead of aiming to reach the same lofty standard as the earlier games in the series.

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This Lego The Last of Us mock-up video is incredible

Now if only it were a real game, eh?

As amazing as Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic epic The Last of Us is, one can't help but wonder "what would it look like in Lego?" Well ponder no more as animator Brian Anderson has delivered a delightful mock-up video of this very premise.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes to miss the Xbox One launch

Lego Marvel Super Heroes to miss the Xbox One launch

UPDATE: But only by a week, and only in Europe.

UPDATE: Warner Bros has confirmed to us that Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be out on 29th November in Europe for both Xbox One and PS4. Thus the Xbox One version is only missing the console's 22nd November launch by a week, and the delay is limited to Europe. In North America it will still be an Xbox One launch title.

ORIGINAL STORY: Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Xbox One isn't going to be ready in time for the console's 22nd November launch, publisher Warner Bros. has revealed.

MCV reported the delay, noting that the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, Vita and 3DS versions are still on track for release this Friday, 15th November. The PS4 version will be ready for that console's launch too, which is on Friday in North America and 29th November in Europe.

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes review

Here's your litmus test: Ego the Living Planet is bobbing around in the corner of the start screen for the latest Lego game. Ego is a deeply obscure 1960s Marvel character, a giant sentient planet with a moustache. And he's in this game, if only fleetingly. That's the level of silly Silver Age nerd bait on offer here. If this news makes you grin like an idiot, then this game is for you.

If you've not warmed to any of the previous Lego games, however, this most definitely isn't the game for you. Unsurprisingly, it follows the same template of scenery smashing, stud hoarding, character swapping and gentle puzzling that has typified the series since it first appeared back in 2005. That's not to say the franchise has stood still - play the original Lego Star Wars back-to-back with Lego Marvel if you want to see just how fast the formula has evolved - but it's definitely not about to shake things up with any radical departures from what young fans expect.

And that's a good thing. Some game formats lend themselves to iterative repetition, others wear themselves thin. Much like Mario, the Lego series has found strength in familiarity, advancing the core mechanics slowly but surely while using context and character, along with levels designed to delight, to win players over. Certainly, there are generations of youngsters for whom the tell-tale tinkle of a blue Lego stud or the swoosh-thunk of a minikit will be as iconic as the jingling coins and "wahoo" yelps of Nintendo's mascot.

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VideoHere's a fresh look at Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Won't be a Loki outing for Traveller's Tales.

It's easy to become blasť about Traveller's Tales Lego games - there have, after all, been just under 20 of the things in the last 8 years - so it's just as easy to forget that they've rarely been anything less than brilliant. We're lucky enough to have Dan Whitehead pop up and remind us of that fact every time a new one's released.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes announced

Lego Marvel Super Heroes announced

Out on everything this autumn.

Warner Bros. has announced LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, developed by long-standing LEGO game studio TT Games and out this autumn for 3DS, DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Vita and Wii U.

It's the first LEGO video game to feature Marvel characters, and ties in with the LEGO Marvel toy line, which will see a push in time for the release of film Iron Man 3 later this year.

The story of the game sees spy Nick Fury call on Marvel Heroes including Thor, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Wolverine and the Black Widow to save Earth from Loki and Galactus. Expect the LEGO series' trademark family-friendly platform/brawler/puzzle gameplay. There are over 100 characters to unlock

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