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Here's a fresh look at Apex Legends running on Switch

Ahead of next week's launch.

Apex Legends is making its long-awaited Switch debut next Tuesday, 9th March, and, in the run up to release, developer Respawn Entertainment has shared a brand-new trailer offering a closer look at the free-to-play shooter running on Nintendo's console.

Apex Legends was originally expected to launch on the platform last autumn, but complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic saw its release pushed into this year. The port is finally poised for its public debut, however, and Switch owners will be able to enjoy cross-platform play, all seasonal content, and full feature parity with other versions when it launches next week.

And if you're wondering how the Switch edition is shaping up, the answer appears to be (and, granted, I'm no Douglas Foundry) 'very nicely indeed', with the port - developed in conjunction with Panic Button, which also brought the likes of Doom Eternal, Warframe, and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus to Nintendo's console - getting a fresh airing in the trailer below.

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

The only downside is that Switch owners will have a bit of catching up to do, what with joining in Apex Legends' action a month into the shooter's eighth season - which, if you're unfamiliar, adds new playable hero Fuse, a new lever-action rifle known as The 30-30 Repeater, a new Battle Pass and Ranked Season, plus some major changes to the Kings Canyon map.

Respawn is attempting to address the late start to Season Eight by granting Switch players the first 30 levels of Apex Legends' current battle pass for free. Additionally, double XP will be awarded on the platform for the first two weeks following launch next Tuesday, 9th March.

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