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Here are the five class types you can play as in Elden Ring

"In seven days, these five brave Tarnished will cross the Sea of Fog."

FromSoftware has revealed the five playable classes coming to Elden Ring.

In anticipation of the upcoming network test next week, a new tweet from the game's social media channels reveals the five "Tarnished" player types from which we'll be able to choose: Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion, and Bloody Wolf.

"In seven days, these five brave Tarnished will cross the Sea of Fog," teased a brief tweet from the game's official Twitter page, which includes images of each of the game's five classes.

While the names seem largely in line with what we'd expect from any action RPG, sadly, there's no further specific information on what the differences between the classes are, but the images do show what appears to be both the male and female variants. Here, check them out below:

We discovered yesterday that Elden Ring has a 4k graphic mode and 60fps performance mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

As Wes reported at the time, confirmation came from a GameStop listing for Elden Ring's Collector's Edition, which includes a paragraph titles "Enhanced Experience". "Using the power of new generation of consoles, PlayStation 5, will allow players to personalise their experience by choosing between GRAPHIC MODE to enhance the game's visuals (up to 4K) or PERFORMANCE MODE for a higher frame rate (up to 60FPS)," reads the PS5 listing, which is the same wording used on the Microsoft store, too.

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