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Elden Ring has a 4k "graphic mode" and 60fps "performance mode" on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

Praise the sun.

Elden Ring has a 4k graphic mode and 60fps performance mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Confirmation comes from a GameStop listing for Elden Ring's Collector's Edition, which includes a paragraph titles "Enhanced Experience".

"Using the power of new generation of consoles, PlayStation 5, will allow players to personalise their experience by choosing between GRAPHIC MODE to enhance the game's visuals (up to 4K) or PERFORMANCE MODE for a higher frame rate (up to 60FPS)," reads the PS5 listing.

It's the same wording on the Xbox Series X and S listing for the Elden Ring Collector's edition.

This is the first From Software game to offer console players the option to prioritise visuals or frame-rate, and is sure to go down well with fans. Of course, the wording of the retailer listing mentions "up to 4K" and "up to 60FPS". Digital Foundry will I'm sure deliver the real-world results when Elden Ring comes out.

This week, publisher Bandai Namco published nearly 20 minutes of new gameplay footage for Elden Ring, which revealed the open world Souls-like in new detail. Check it out in the video above.

Elden Ring still has a 25th February release date.

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