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Heavy Rain patch "very soon"

Addresses "a range of minor issues".

Sony has a patch for Heavy Rain in the final stages of development, and reckons an update will be released "very soon".

That's what the developer wrote on the US PlayStation forum.

"As mentioned previously, this patch is not targeted purely at the issues reported in this thread but does address a range of minor issues which could be contributing factors. Given the small percentage of players affected by these issues and the difficulty that has been had in reproducing them here we're optimistic that this patch resolves your problems but cannot guarantee that this will be the case," wrote the senior community development manager at Sony.

Since launch, various reports of game freezes and glitches have emerged on the internet (I personally had to redo a few hours' progress, as it happens).

Heavy Rain, released at the end of February, provided Sony with a UK All-Formats number one on the week of release and a top-five finishes subsequently. Heavy Rain was fourth this week.

Praise for Quantic Dream's PS3 creation has been coming from all angles: Microsoft Game Studios creative mastermind Peter Molyneux turned out to be a big fan, and Hollywood director Neil LaBute said he hoped the "sophistication" of the game would be echoed through the industry in times to come.

We, too, heaped praise on the forward-thinking game, scoring Heavy Rain 9/10.

Since then we've tracked down game creator David Cage for a post-launch chat, and delved into the DLC to see what's on offer.