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Heavy Rain completed by 74% of all users

But only a third kept every character alive.

Nearly three quarters of all those who logged into Heavy Rain finished the game, developer Quantic Dream has revealed via an IGN infographic.

However, only a 33 per cent of the three million who played the PlayStation 3 crime drama managed to keep every single character alive while doing so.

95 per cent of players successfully completed the game's first action sequence, 65 per cent managed to rescue lead character Ethan Mars' son Shaun, four per cent saw all the game's possible endings and just three per cent earned the game's platinum trophy.

Quantic Dream's 2009 game picked up a handsome 9/10 in Eurogamer's Heavy Rain review. The French developer hasn't revealed the identity of its follow-up project yet, but has confirmed it won't be a sequel.