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Hawken relaunching via Steam ahead of full release

Transition begins today for existing players.

Free-to-play mech shooter Hawken is being relaunched via Steam as its team continues to work towards a full release.

Existing players will be sent Steam access codes to game from today and must use Valve's client to log in from now on. All users should receive a code by this time next week, publisher Meteor Entertainment has promised.

The game won't be publicly available until later in the month, after all existing players have been resettled.

Hawken has been available to try in beta form since 2012 but has failed to find a wide audience - something which the move to Steam will help, Meteor hopes.

"As we move forward into 2014, we're hard at work on making Hawken bigger and better," the publisher wrote. "We know all of you love Hawken and have expressed the desire for it to reach a broader audience."

The eye-catching mech battler first stormed into view back in 2011 with an impressive debut trailer. Hawken more recently hit the headlines after a female member of its development team pulled an elaborate prank on her boss to highlight the placement of scantily-clad Hawken artwork in Meteor's office.

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