Key events

Hawken mechs its way to PS4 and Xbox One in July

F2P team-based shooter makes it console debut.

People behind APB Reloaded buy Hawken

But is it a good thing for the game?

Hawken relaunching via Steam ahead of full release

Transition begins today for existing players.

Hawken art prank changes CEO's mind about scantily clad women

The story of Ruby Underboob and Bro-sie the Riveter.

Currys PC World in London opens a Gaming Bunker

Presumably in anticipation of Sony dropping the bomb.

Feature"Free-to-play will change everything."

Hawken's publisher Mark Long on the free-to-play future, and his game's part in it.

F2P mech shooter Hawken enters open beta next week

“It's been a long road...”

Hawken goes into closed beta in a fortnight

Mech for the registration page.

Live action Hawken films in the works

Indie mech stunner committed to celluloid.

VideoNew Hawken gameplay footage swoops in

Free-to-play indie mech battler continues to impress.

Hawken launches in December as free-to-play title

Eye-catching indie mech-battler announces beta.

VideoNew Hawken gameplay footage

Indie mech shooter continues to impress.