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Harmonix announces mobile rhythm-based running game Record Run

A F2P game where you upload your own music.

Harmonix has revealed its next mobile game: a music-based auto-running title called Record Run.

As reported by Polygon, the new game was announced by studio head Alex Rigopulos at a talk he gave at PAX East. The idea is you'll import your own music into Record Run, and it will create levels that function in tandem with your tunes. Rigopulos likened Record Run to Gaijin Game's Bit.Trip Runner titles, though Harmonix's spin on the formula will be free-to-play, for better or worse.

No exact platforms or release date were mentioned for Record Run, but Polygon reported that it's coming soon.

Record Run marks Harmonix's second foray into the mobile space as it previously created the iOS music video making app, VidRhythm, the thing that I once used to create such nightmare fuel as this:

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