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Halo Infinite unsupported on Steam Deck due to anti-cheat

Including campaign mode.

Microsoft has detailed which of its Xbox Game Studios games are supported on Valve's new Steam Deck handheld - and which won't work at all.

Included in that latter category are Halo Master Chief Collection and the recently-released Halo Infinite, plus Gears 5 and (somewhat bizarrely) the old Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Why aren't these games supported? Microsoft simply said it was "due to anti-cheat". Speaking to me earlier, Digital Foundry's Rich Leadbetter pointed out that this also covers Halo Infinite's campaign mode.

"Verified" games include Double Fine's Psychonauts 2, Ninja Theory's Hellbade: Senua's Sacrifice, Battletoads and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Bethesda-published games such as Deathloop, The Evil Within, Fallout Shelter and Prey also make the cut.

Games which Microsoft list as "Playable" include Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and 5, Quantum Break, State of Decay Year One Survival Edition and Fallout 4.

In total, more than 1000 games have been "verified" by Valve as running fine for Steam Deck so far.

"Software and compatibility need to improve - but Steam Deck is highly impressive," Rich Leadbetter wrote in Digital Foundry's definitive Steam Deck review. "From a hardware perspective, this handheld has genuinely exceeded expectations."

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