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Halo Infinite fans buy nail polish for exclusive skin, only to find it's for Forza

Master Chief given finger.

Halo fans now rich in glittery bottles of nail polish have found themselves unable to redeem an accompanying Halo Infinite skin.

Last month, Microsoft announced a deal with nail polish brand OPI and two of its games: Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Fans who bought bottles of the sparkly finger makeup would be rewarded with similar shades for their Spartan/car.

However, it now transpires that the initial batch of nail polish offered Forza codes only - leaving Halo fans feeling everything other than shiny.

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The offer's Halo Infinite skins will instead arrive via upcoming bottles of nail polish sold via Amazon in the US and internationally from retailers this month, it now transpires.

Kotaku reported that the offer's terms and conditions had recently been updated on OPI's site to make this clear.

"I think you might have figured it out already but Forza has an exclusive in the US with [makeup retailer] Ulta for their code," Microsoft's Halo partnerships lead explained via Twitter. "A code for the Halo armour coating will be available with purchases starting 1st Feb at Amazon in the US and in other regions at other retailers."

Some fans say they have now got their hands on the right nail polish bottles - but there's one final wrinkle: the skin itself isn't yet available in Halo Infinite, and won't be until the game's next patch.

You could argue there are more pressing matters for Microsoft to deal with in Halo Infinite - but it's also probably fair to say this promotion hasn't nailed it.