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Halo developer 343 reportedly loses engine lead

Just days after founder Bonnie Ross departs.

343 Industries, the developer behind Xbox's blockbuster Halo series, has reportedly lost another high-profile figure.

David Berger, who served as lead developer on Infinite's ambitious Slipspace Engine technology, will leave the studio - according to reports by Windows Central and Lords of Gaming.

News of the departure comes just days after 343's boss Bonnie Ross announced her own exit from the company after 15 years, to attend to a family medical issue.

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Digital Foundry discusses Halo splitscreen.

There's no word yet on why Berger is leaving. Eurogamer has contacted Microsoft for more.

In the wake of Ross' departure, Windows Central has reported on something of a reshuffle at 343, with production lead Pierre Hinze becoming studio head.

Additionally, two new leadership related roles have been created: general manager of franchise, which will be filled by Bryan Koski, and head of business and operations, announced as Elizabeth Van Wyck.

Halo Infinite live service remains in production despite various delays, with former Destiny developer Joeseph Staten still serving as its creative director.