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Halo 3 freebies for Live Goldies

Silver members distraught.

Microsoft has whispered that it will be rewarding Live Gold members with free Halo 3 goodies.

The promotion has already begun and lasts until Sunday. Available already are a Halo 3 theme and Gamerpic, which will be followed by two behind-the-scenes Bungie interviews on Thursday and Friday.

All you have to do to get your freebies is click on the "Unite to Fight" advert in the Dashboard area.

Halo 3 launches across Europe tomorrow, with lots of eager retailers opening at midnight tonight to flog copies of the game.

We've already given you our thoughts on the third game in the series, which amounted to top marks and the biggest recommendation we can offer. Pop over to our Halo 3 review to find out more.

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