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Halo 3 coming to Games on Demand

As are DMC4 and Saints Row.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Halo 3 will be released digitally on Xbox Live's Games on Demand service on 20th April.

In Europe, the Bungie shooter will be joined the same week by guilty pleasure Saints Row, and preceded on 13th April by Devil May Cry 4. North Americans get Tomb Raider: Legend instead.

All this was confirmed by Xbox's Major Nelson in a Marketplace release schedule for the coming weeks.

You'll be able to get price reductions on Left 4 Dead's Crash Course DLC and Borderlands' The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned add-on from 12th and 19th April respectively. Retro fiends can enjoy Final Fight: Double Impact on Xbox Live Arcade in a week's time, on the 14th.

Expect to see add-ons for Mega Man 10 this week, and Forza Motorsport 3 next week.

Seems like April will be as quiet for new releases on Xbox Live as it is in the shops. Roll on May!

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