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Halo 3 beta fixed

Bungie gets wrench out.

Microsoft soothed angry mobs last night by releasing an update to fix an issue that prevented you from downloading the Halo 3 beta from within Crackdown.

However, be patient, as it could take as long as four hours to download the patch.

Because of all the chaos surrounding the start, Microsoft and Bungie have decided to extend the length of the beta by four days. It will now end on the 10th June, which gives you an extra weekend to get stuck in.

Bungie also pointed out that you might notice a text-display niggle on the in-game user interface, where all the words will have disappeared. But don't panic, simply reboot the console, then press up on the d-pad and hold the A-button until the Bungie logo appears, and a dialogue box will spring-up and confirm the maintenance fix.

We've already had a play of the multiplayer beta, and you can keep up with all our coverage from the Halo 3 gamepage.

Halo 3 will be available for Xbox 360 on 26th September in Europe, and the day before in the U.S.