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Halo 2 maps remade for Reach

Midship and Tower re-imagined.

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Bungie has remade Halo 2 maps Ivory Tower and Midship for upcoming game Halo: Reach.

Those levels will become Reflection and Zealot, respectively, according to IGN.

Reflection is said to be a more-or-less accurate remake of Ivory Tower. However, the dynamics of the map are changed by jetpacks and Sprint, and the walls and floors have been splashed with fancier textures.

Zealot, on the other hand, reinterprets Midship. Two bases face each other on either side of a small ring, and fighting takes place over three levels - the top one being outer space. This is reached via a semi-permeable membrane that allows Spartans through but not projectiles. This outer-space area circles the map.

There's a third map mentioned called Spire. This is specifically for Invasion game types and contains a beach for wide-open, vehicle-heavy battles. There's also a spire, obviously, that funnels the action to a hand-to-hand finale at the top.

Those maps are only a fraction of what the Halo: Reach multiplayer will offer. A fuller description was given by Eurogamer's Johnny Minkley after playing the multiplayer Halo: Reach beta. That's likely to be the last time we play the game before its 14th September release. Will it be the biggest game this year?

Invasion gameplay from the Halo: Reach beta.

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