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Guitar Hero World Tour finally dated

Staggered release in November.

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Guitar Hero World Tour will be released over three weeks next month in Europe, starting with guitar-and-game bundles for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2 on 7th November.

The staggered approach presumably reflects the immense size of the regular in-store bundles, which consist of drums, guitar, microphone and game. Those "super bundles" will arrive on 360, PS3 and Wii on 14th November. The PS2 super bundle will be available on 21st November.

"We're delighted to confirm the release dates for all formats and bundles. Guitar Hero World Tour is the one of the most anticipated games launches this year so I'd recommend that everyone gets their orders in quick for the Christmas rush," Activision's David Tyler told British trade mag MCV.

"The free bass guitar controller offer running with all pre-orders has been exceptionally well received, and we can't wait to see the reaction when the game hits the shelves."

You could always read our Guitar Hero World Tour review, Dave. We gave it 9/10, with the caveat that if Rock Band 2 suddenly pitched up the situation might be different.


We'll bring you some more extensive considerations on the subject around the time of both games' launches next month.

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