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Guitar Hero Live adds head-to-head battles

You'll get two per half-hour show.

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A new update to Guitar Hero Live has added the much-requested ability to battle another player, one-on-one, head-to-head.

The feature - a mainstay of earlier entries in the series - is now available as part of free update to the game.

But the mode doesn't work as some fans were maybe expecting, as creative director Jamie Jackson explained in a new blog update.

"We've received lots of feedback in the forums about what you want to see next," Jackson wrote. "Something that came up quite frequently was head-to-head multiplayer. Another was showing off your playercards and note highways to others. And we heard you. Starting today, when you pop into the GHTV channels, you'll experience what we are calling Rival Challenges.

"As you play through the channels, you will periodically be matched up against a similar-skilled opponent to square off, 1-on-1 style, in a song battle to test your skills.

"Rival Challenges will occur twice in every half-hour show. The song choices will be picked by us, so you'll always need to be ready!"

You'll be able to take part when you're level 10 - high enough to have gained guitar upgrades and hero powers to show off. Winners of a head-to-head battle gain +100 Status XP.

Other changes include the ability to tag songs as favourites, and a daily bonus of play tokens so anyone without can play three tracks on demand.

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