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Activision offers refunds to American Guitar Hero Live players after it removes song library

Hero to zero (or 42, to be precise).

Activision has opened a refund program for players of Guitar Hero Live after the publisher ended support for Guitar Hero TV in December, emptying its 500-strong song library of all but 42 tracks.

While Activision was able to defend itself against a recent lawsuit about the decision, the company has now voluntarily opened a refund program. Right now refunds are only open to residents of the United States who can prove they bought the game between 1st December 2017 and 1st January 2019.

"Activision is offering a voluntary refund program for customers who bought the Guitar Hero Live gaming system on or after December 1, 2017, in the United States," the website says (thanks, Digital Trends). "Customers may qualify for a refund if: they purchased Guitar Hero Live in the United States during the period starting December 1, 2017 and ending on January 1, 2019; they submit a completed Claim Form by the deadline of May 1, 2019; and their purchase of Guitar Hero Live since December 2017 can be confirmed by Activision."

Ideally, you'll need a receipt or a copy of your bank/credit card statement, but even if you don't have tangible proof of purchase, you may still submit a completed Claim Form and Activision "will attempt to verify eligibility". The refund amount will depend upon what you paid for the game, and will not exceed the standard retail price.

Guitar Hero Live launched in October 2015 as a reboot of the series, but it failed to do the business (it was a similar story for Rock Band 4). Developer Freestyle Games suffered layoffs before Ubisoft bought the company and renamed it Ubisoft Leamington. The spirit of Guitar Hero lives on, however, courtesy of in a community-made clone.

Right now there's seemingly no similar refund scheme for European heroes, but we've reached out to Activision and will confirm when we know more.

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