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GTA 5 Collector's Edition lets you play as Niko's offspring

In Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar has released new details of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Collector's Edition, including that you can play as the son/daughter of GTA4 protagonist Niko Bellic in GTA Online.

Img credit: Pixeloo

Grand Theft Auto Online will have a bizarre hereditary-based character creation mechanic where you design playable characters based on their parents' appearance.

You can alter exactly how much you want your character to look like each parent. The game's Collector's Edition will include Niko as a father option, alongside GTA 3's Claude and Misty.

With your appearance set, you'll then be able to customise your character's daily activities such as family time, illegal work and the amount of hours sat on the sofa. These will affect your character's look and skill set.

The GTA 5 Collector's Edition (and its less grand sibling, the Special Edition) were revealed in detail earlier this year. The former includes a real-life money bag and cap, along with countless in-game upgrades.