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Grounded free on Steam until tomorrow

Bee quick!

Promotional art for Grounded's Make It or Break It update showing a player character clambering over an assortment of objects in the garden with a spanner in their hand.
Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment/Microsoft

Grounded is currently available to play for free on Steam, at least until tomorrow.

The offer ends on 16th November, 5pm UK time.

This is to celebrate the game's new Make It or Break It update that allows players to create their own backyard playgrounds.

A New Way to Play in Grounded Coming SoonWatch on YouTube

If you've not played before, Grounded shrinks players down to insect-size and tasks them with surviving together down in the weeds.

It's playable solo or in multiplayer with up to three friends, plus there's a story mode to play through to discover the secrets of why you were shrunk in the first place.

Oh, and there's an arachnophobia option for those of us petrified of giant spiders. Thank you Obsidian.

Now players can design their own environments to explore, craft buildings filled with furniture, and place spawn points for creatures and bosses. The majority of the campaign's assets are available to use.

The update was launched on Monday, 13th November, but you don't have long to check the game out for free!

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