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Greenlit horror adventure Asylum creeps past its Kickstarter goal

Announces new six plus hour expansion stretch goal for another $66K.

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Scratches creator Agustín Cordes' already Steam greenlit horror adventure game Asylum just met its Kickstarter goal of $100,666 with 46 hours to go before its deadline on Thursday. The current total is at $105,761.

In honour of this, developer Senscape has announced a new final stretch goal at $166,666, continuing to developer's tradition of using novelty numbers when it comes to real budgets. The new goal would fund an entire six to eight hour expansion currently dubbed Asylum: Memories. The developer described it as "dreamy, melancholic and *gasp* even beautiful" in an update to its Kickstarter.

Asylum: Memories would take place during the day - as opposed to the main game that's set entirely at night - and would follow an "urban explorer" looking to discover the truth of what became of a long-lost family member.

If funded, Asylum: Memories would retail for $10, but backers who pledge over $15 will receive it for free along with the main game.

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With less than two days to go it's unlikely that Senscape will fund the expansion, but it will likely hit its next target at $110,000, which would ensure an iPad version of Asylum. At $120K and $125K Android and Ouya versions would be funded as well.

Asylum is due this December on PC, Mac and Linux. The Memories expansion will be expected in mid 2014 if funded. In the meantime, there's an "interactive teaser" available.

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