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Grab a new Xbox Series S console from Currys for under £190 this Black Friday weekend

And under £190 from Amazon.

At this early point in a new gaming generation, the consoles can be pricey and receive very minor (and infrequent) discounts. With the PlayStation 5, thanks to component shortages and inflation, Sony even went out of their way to increase the console's price.

The Xbox Series S has been Microsoft's cheaper, friendlier option for casual and dedicated gamers. And right now, it's currently down over £70 at Currys, with the code FNDDGAMING at checkout, available for just £184. Box has it reduced too at just £189.99. That's a really significant price drop during this Black Friday season. And Amazon is offering it for £189 during this seasonal sale. BT's online store is also joining in by offering the Series S at £189 too.

The Xbox Series S shares many of the advanced gaming feature as its bigger Xbox Series X brother, but optimised for 1080p to 1440p resolution. That includes variable refresh rate support, variable rate shading, fast loading times, and other gaming upgrades. The key thing to keep in mind is that every new major title that will be released for the Series X will also arrive to the Series S, so you won't be missing out on playing the latest games.

Another aspect to the Series S is the lack of a disc drive. Many of us are used to buying digital games anyway, but paired with a Game Pass subscription means you still have access to all the titles available on Xbox. One of the features it also has like its pricier sibling is quick resume. This feature lets you keep a game paused while switching to play another title. It even keeps your game saved in this frozen state when turning off the Xbox entirely.

It's also reduced to £199.99 at John Lewis if you prefer shopping elsewhere. There's also the additional benefit of getting a 2 year guarantee included if you opt for John Lewis too.

Included with the console is a robot white controller. However, if you're wanting to have your friend or family member join in on the fun, check out the current offer Amazon have going on an extra controller for just £34.99 in a range of different colours. Box also have the shock blue controller available for just £29.99.

There are so many gaming offers right now this Black Friday season, so check out our early deals guide to see what else will go well with your new Xbox Series S. And keep tabs on our Jelly Deals Twitter feed to see discounts we share throughout the day.

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