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Gorgeous mouse RPG Ghost of a Tale gets a massive, much-needed bug-quashing update

Now "what it should have been right from the start".

Developer SeithCG has released a massive new update for its delightful mouse-based RPG Ghost of a Tale, aimed at quashing the "vast majority" of its remaining technical issues.

Eurogamer liked Ghost of a Tale enough to give it the Recommended stamp of approval when it released earlier this month on PC; however, reviewer Edwin Evans-Thirlwell noted that it was "absolutely riddled with bugs".

SeithCG has been more than open in acknowledging the game's launch problems, and has already released a number of updates to address them. The developer says its latest patch, known as 6.5, "takes care of the vast majority of the remaining bugs", admitting that "it's been a very intense period, with a lot of work and very little sleep."

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"In case some of you are wondering why those bugs were there to start with", explained SeithCG, "the answer is simple (besides the fact that Ghost of a Tale is quite complex under the hood): a dozen persons testing the game on and off over a period of 2 months is simply no match for having thousands of people all starting to play at the same time."

"That being said," the developer continued, "it's my fault of course. When I realized what was happening it was obviously too late to say 'whoops, sorry I'll put it back in the fridge for moment'. The fact that most sounds didn't play in the second half of the game furthermore gave the impression that it wasn't finished. And that sucked."

Despite Ghost of a Tale's positive critical reception, SeithCG says "I'm painfully aware that early adopters [...] played with builds that were just not at the technical level they should have been. Which was particularly frustrating after an excellent run in early access."

The list of bug fixes included in the patch notes is certainly extensive, fixing everything from missing sounds to a wide range of spoiler-y issues relating to the game's final encounter - which was problematic enough at launch for it to get a specific mention in Edwin's review.

"Today, exactly 11 days after release, the game is what it should have been right from the start," SeithCG concluded, "So let this serve as an apology to the players who felt the game was not up to their technical standards when it launched, and an invitation to those who've been waiting to come and visit the world of Ghost of a Tale!"

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will be able to experience Ghost of a Tale's wonderful charms when it comes to console in its newly finessed state later this year.

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