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Go!View gets fancy Christmas content

A-Team! Battlestar! Quantum Leap!

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On-demand PSP entertainment service Go!View has added some alluring telly content for Christmas.

There's Battlestar Galactica, the original A-Team, plus the latest series of Lost and Heroes. Kate, Kate! [Sawyer, Sawyer! - dep ed.]

Cult oldies Knight Rider, Miami Vice and Red Dwarf also join the listings, as does the brilliant Quantum Leap. Rounding the bunch out in, well, probably a tie and blazer combo, is I'm Alan Partridge.

Go!View, a joint venture between Sony and BSkyB, offers up sports programs and films to watch on the move, as well as telly shows.

The aforementioned retro telly classics are part of the Entertainment subscription pack, while the comedy episodes are part of the Comedy pack, and sports part of the Sports pack.

Each cost GBP 5 a month, or GBP 8 for two, and GBP 10 for all three.

There's also a Movies to Rent and Latest TV to Rent option, which charges GBP 1.50 for a telly program and GBP 2.50 for a film.

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