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Geometry Wars on Wii, DS

Mission mode adds spice.

Vivendi Sierra Entertainment Games Whatever has finally revealed that Geometry Wars will be heading to Wii and DS, having made such a name for itself since it launched alongside Xbox 360 in November 2005.

Kuju Surrey, rather than the original team at Bizarre Creations, will be developing the game dubbed "Galaxies", which is due for release some time this autumn.

The biggest new addition will be a mission-based campaign, where you'll have to fly around different solar systems wiping out various aliens to win the day. And don't despair, the vintage and absolutely brilliant Retro Evolved gameplay will also feature.

Each platform's unique controls are being strongly focused on, so that you can effortlessly blow things up and pull off "hotshot" moves, whatever they are. You'll also be able to "battle via hot seat, co-op, simultaneous and versus in multiplayer mode". And if you buy both the DS and Wii versions, you'll even be able to use a Wi-Fi link between the pair to unlock bonus content.

Vivendi Sierra Thingymajig is excited about it, Bizarre Creations is pumped about it, and so are we, quite frankly. Head over to the Wii gallery of Geometry Wars Galaxies for a closer look.

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