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GeoWars: Galaxies delayed

Blasted into January.

Sierra Entertainment has pushed the release of Geometry Wars: Galaxies back to 18th January, 2008.

It was previously lurking on DS and Wii calendars in the unconvincing period of Q4 2007, and even made its way onto our Christmas buyer's guide list - much like other Wii slipper Zack & Wiki.

Depressing, then, but only because it will probably be very good fun. Imagine the Geometry Wars blasting fun mixed with a campaign mode made up of 60 planets and many more power-ups.

You can also link DS and Wii versions together and use Wi-Fi to unlock bonus levels or download Retro Evolved using a GameShare system we don't understand.

Pop over to our Geometry Wars: Galaxies preview to find out what it's all about.

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Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS

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