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Bizarre prepares for E3

Brandishes new info.

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Bizarre Creations has revamped its website and released new information ahead of next week's E3 show in America.

At the top of the pile was news that Live Arcade title Boom Boom Rocket will be treated to downloadable content very soon. The first of the new packs will have five fresh tracks to fire along to, although the musical style is being kept under wraps. Pop over to our Boom Boom Rocket review if you're lost already.

We're also told to expect the unexpected in the form of a surprise announcement for Project Gotham Racing 4. Bizarre pointed out it was hitting all deadlines with the game, which Microsoft will be flashing around in Santa Monica next week. Look out for our thoughts on it soon.

Promising shoot-'em-up The Club will also be at E3, and is apparently nearing completion. To celebrate this, Bizarre has stuffed plenty of new information on the site, covering all aspects of the game - from characters and locations to multiplayer modes and the soundtrack. Pop over to our recent preview of The Club to find out more.

Also on show will be Geometry Wars: Galaxies for Wii and DS. It's another pair we've already had the chance to play with, which unsurprisingly resulted in a very glowing report.

For those of you who like to look to the past, the site also has developer diaries covering the creation of old titles Metropolis Street Racer, Fur Fighters, and Treasure Planet.

Pop over to the Bizarre Creations website to see the flashy new design for yourself.

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