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Gears tournament delayed

Locusts in the system.

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Those of you hoping to stomp your way to glory in Microsoft's Gears of War Global Xbox Live Tournament - announced this month - will want to keep those rifles slung for a bit, as technical issues have delayed the leaderboard reset previously scheduled for 9th April.

"Tournament play has been scheduled to resume on or about 00.01 GMT on Friday 20th April 2007 [can't they be more specific? - Ed], and the tournament will continue until 23.59 GMT on Sunday 13th May 2007," Microsoft explained in a note to the press. "Additionally, tournament registration has been extended until Saturday 12th May ending at 23.59 GMT."

You can keep a closer eye on Xbox Live Tournaments on the confusingly named, where any other adjustments will be noted. Finally, Microsoft says anybody who has already signed up will be contacted separately via email with leaderboard-reset information and date changes. Clearly they don't trust us to tell you.

For more on the Gears of War Global Xbox Live Tournament, which could end up sending you to Prague in July for a final showdown (unless they've changed that too), be sure to actively reload our previous coverage.

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