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Gears of War PC quirk

GFW Live update confusion.

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Those of you picking up Gears of War for the PC on Friday might want to take notice of a brief posting on Gamerscoreblog about a quirk in the Games For Windows Live update process that takes place before you first play the game.

Basically, Microsoft's Xbox Live But On A PC thing needs to download a small patch, which it does, but then it dumps you to the Gears of War PC main menu when in fact you need to shut down the game to complete the update.

The best way to avoid this problem, says Microsoft, is to simply to exit the game once you graduate from the "Don't shut down your PC while the update is being downloaded" screen to the game's main menu, at which point the update installs automatically. That's how we fudged through it when we first got the game, anyway.

But, just in case you're shocked and confused, Gamerscoreblog has a step by step guide. Once you're done gawping at it, perhaps you'd like to read our Gears of War PC review?

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