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Gears of War book spotted

Very novel.

Marcus and Dom are peeking over the wall dividing games and books, according to an online retailer dug up by VH1's games blogger Harold Goldberg.

The book - just "Gears of War 1" for now - is reportedly 352 pages courtesy of Steven Kent, a former games journalist.

Kent's previously written for a variety of mainstream US publications including the Seattle Times and Chicago Tribune, has penned books on the making of games, and last year released a pair of science-fiction novels - his current passion.

And if a comment on the VH1 blog from a certain "Steven Kent" is legitimate, then it looks like it's on. "Damn it Goldberg," he writes, "how do you even find this stuff!"

Speaking of finds, a quick squizz round the Epic Games forum reveals a number of burgeoning fan-fics for followers of the enigmatic Gears duo. Sons of Sera is our favourite.

Currently there's no word from either Microsoft or Epic Games on the Kent book's validity.