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Gears maps free

Locust Monday continues.

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Microsoft has taken the price tag off the Hidden Fronts Gears of War map pack, making it available to download for free from Live Marketplace.

It was originally added back in May for 800 points, and is made up of four new areas to run around and grunt macho quips in.

There's the Kryll-infested swamp Bullet Marsh, where an old generator provides little light and sanctuary from the flying monsters; Garden, an overgrown conservatory that has some extra smelly fertiliser you'll need to vent before entering; Process, a battle for an active Imulsion processing plant; and Timgad's old Subway station, which is now overrun by the Locust.

You can see what the maps look like over in our Hidden Fronts gallery, or pop into our Gears of War gamepage for our review and guide to finding Cog Tags.

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