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Gears film treatment leaked?

Stuart Beattie details plot.

A treatment for New Line Cinema's Gears of War film has made its way onto the Internet.

We're still waiting to hear back from Microsoft about its authenticity.

Written by Stuart Beattie, the overview details the first "scene-setting" period of the film, fleshing out events that took place before those in the videogame. So, er, look away now if you don't want it spoiled.

The film begins at the last battle of the Pendulum Wars. It's here that Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago go against Captain Hoffman's "hold position" orders and end up saving the day, ushering the Planet Sera into an era of peace.

All of the personalities from the game are outlined early on, including "The Cole Train", Baird, Anya and Adam Fenix - Marcus' father.

But unfortunately peace-time doesn't last very long, and a huge Locust attack lead by General RAAM forces the COG's hand to scorch the entire Earth using satellite lasers. Millions of innocents die in the blast, but RAAM lives on.

Although the treatment ends there, its sure to set Gears fans afrothing.

Unfortunately there's no word on who will be directing the film yet, or which actors will fill the familiar roles. However, Epic has previously said it will keep a close eye on production, with game designer Cliff Bleszinski acting as the voice of the developer.

Head over to LatinoReview to read the Gears of War treatment.

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