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Gears film "looking incredibly good"

Writer says budget "has to be huge".

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Gears of War screenwriter Chris Morgan reckons the big-screen adaptation is "looking incredibly good".

"A draft went in and we're talking about it now and we're budgeting it out. It's looking incredibly good," he told MTV Movies.

"I think the gamer side is going to be thrilled with it. All the stuff you want to see, we put that in there and then we blow it out a little more, even.

"It's huge," he added. "One of the things they're really talking about now is the budget of the film and how big of a spectacle this is going to be. My argument is, look at the underlying material. Look at the game and the scenario, the fact that the world is being taken over by the Locust - it has to be huge."

Chris Morgan, who wrote the Wanted screenplay, joins Die Hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman on the Gears of War project. Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer of Gears of War, will be a creative go-between to ensure the film remains faithful to the games.

Gears of War will be in cinemas next year. No actors have been named. Mickey Rourke! Mickey Rourke!

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